Bihar Investment Road Show Pune 2019
CII Pune hosts Bihar Investor’s Road Show
December 16, 2019
CM asks officials to promote pulpwood and paper industry in Bihar
December 30, 2019

Roadshow to woo investors in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Bihar Industry Minister Shyam Rajak today said that due to development in Bihar with factors like better availability of electricity, roads with last mile connectivity and improved law and order situation, the labourers migration from the eastern state has drastically reduced.

Rajak, who was on a trip to Gujarat to invite investors with a road show named Investors Road Show Bihar, also said that the investors from Gujarat have shown interest in sectors like food processing, ready-made garments, Health-care and chemical sectors.



He said that there were ample raw materials in the form of agri produces like maize, wheat, paddy and various fruits in fertile Bihar for food processing industries.

To a query he said that if the ready-made garment making units were set up in Bihar, the investors of Gujarat would be doubly benefited. Bihar was a big market for it. They would save a lot on transportation cost. Currently it was sent there in bulk from states like Gujarat.

The minister said that due to development, better policy, leadership, vision and support to entrepreneurs there was very good atmosphere for investment in Bihar. It has also reduced the migration from Bihar and made better manpower availability there.

He said that the migration of labourers has gone down drastically. ‘Now at most only 30 to 40% of the labourers were going out for work to other states as compared to earlier times. In states like Punjab, one can now see banners welcoming our labourers,’ he said.

Rajak said that he was in Surat yesterday and after meeting the investors here today he would move to Maharashtra where he would have meetings with investors in Pune tomorrow and in Mumbai later.


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