Project Profiles

Model Project Profiles are made available for prospective entrepreneurs for the reference purpose only. Project profiles provide basic information on the product, machinery required, source of availability of men and machinery, raw material and profit margin etc. These project profiles have to be recast in accordance with specific needs of the entrepreneurs and the current prices of inputs. You can formulate your own plans depending upon the quantum and quality of the product you wish to manufacture.
Source: Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of India

Project Profiles For Micro & Small Enterprises


Canvas Shoes
Children Shoes
Court Shoe
Eco-Friendly Shoe Upper Leather
Full PVC Footwear
Gents Leather Long Boot (Welted)
Hockey Sticks
Industrial Hand Gloves
Injection Moulded Shoes
Leather Chappals
Leather Garment
Leather Sandal with P.U. Sole
Leather Travelling Bag
Leather Waist Belt
Manufacturing of Batting Gloves
Nubuck Leather
Portfolio Bag
PU Laminated Split Leather
Saddlery and Harness
Shower Proof Garment Leather
Shuttle Cock
Sports Footwear
Suede Leather
Trumock Shoe with TPR Sole
Upholstery Leather
Source: Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency (MUDRA)

MUDRA Project Profiles

  1. Toilet Soap Manufacturing Unit
  2. Project Profile on Flour Mill
  3. Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Unit
  4. Product Profile of Roasted Rice Flakes
  5. Banana Fibre Extraction & Processing Various Products
  6. Light Engineering (Nut, Bolt, Washer, Rivets, Etc.)
  7. Project Profile on Curry And Rice Powder
  8. Project Profile on Bakery Products
  9. Project Profile on Steel Furniture