Priority Sector

Plastic and Rubber Sector

Plastic and rubber are versatile products used for everything from packaging other products to life sustaining equipment used in hospitals.

Accelerated globalization, rapid change in technology and growing consumerism have brought with it sweeping changes and abundant opportunities for plastic industry to grow domestically. A major percentage of the population in Bihar has been engaged in agriculture. Though the land is very fertile, the farmers are affected with problems of low productivity and low return on investment, primarily, due to high dependence on monsoons. Plasticulture applications have the potential to offer them the much needed solution to improve productivity and reduce dependence on monsoons and therefore, drive the demand for plastics. The increase in electricity supply has led to increase in usage of electric pumps and irrigation systems.

The distribution pipes for these electric water pumps have increased the demand for plastic pipes. Beyond this, plasticulture offers various benefits like increase in the yield, reducing water losses, cleaner produce due to reduced soil contact, etc. As per industry estimates, 35-40% of the food products produced in India are wasted due to deficient infrastructure and lack of food processing capabilities. Plastic has applications in packaging which protects the longevity and quality of food.

This sector also offers significant potential for growth leading to increase in demand for plastic. The State Government's programme to connect every household with piped water supply would require plastic pipes for distribution of water. This implies that there is potential of growth for the plastic and rubber industry in the state.

The priority sectors for investment identified by the State Government in this sector are:

Sectors Investment Opportunities
Irrigation Products Manufacturing of ISI standards PVC/CPVC pipes, emitting pipes, drippers, emitters, valves, fittings, nozzles, UV films, plant protection nets, crates, Hoses etc.
Packaging & Food Storage Products Packing/ wrapping products for food items like tetra packs, containers, bags, etc.
Water Supply Products Manufacturing of ISI standards PVC/ CPVC pipes
Electrical Fittings PVC pipes and electrical fittings.
Automobile Products Plastic automobile parts
Medical Supplies Disposable syringes, gloves, blood storage pouches, catheters/ pipes, etc. and plastics used in medical field.
Building Construction Plastic and rubber components for building construction
Sports and leisure Manufacture of plastics and rubbers items for sports and leisure
Plastic Testing Plastic testing laboratories accredited with ISO/IEC-17025 standards
Note: The above list of units/ enterprises is only indicative and the State Government may suitably revise the list under the priority sector from time to time.