High Priority Sector

IT, IT enabled Services (ITeS) and Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) Sector

The strategic initiatives in IT, ITeS and ESDM are targeted towards key investment opportunity areas within the sector, as listed below:


IT and IT enabled Services (ITeS)

IT Products, Software and Services

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)


Software Development Centres

Digital content Development

Smart Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT)

Data Centres

Big Data and Analytics

PC Gaming, Console Gaming, Online/ Multiplayer Gaming,

Mobile Gaming, Video Games

Comics and Animated Cartoon series, fully Animated

Feature Films

Visual Effects or VFX


E-Learning and E-Education


Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM)

Computer peripherals and other Office Equipment

Chip Manufacturing and Design


Server and storage devices

Communication and Networking devices

Automotive electronics

Medical Electronics

Industrial Electronics

Telecom electronics

Strategic electronics and devices

Electronic manufacturing services

Solar Photo Voltaic including thin film, polysilicon cells

Electronic consumer products


Embedded software

Defense electronic equipment

Information, and broadcasting electronic devices

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