SIPB Stage-1 Check List
Updated SIPB Stage-1 Check List (For Incentives under Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016)
April 7, 2021
मुख्यमंत्री युवा उद्यमी योजना
मुख्यमंत्री युवा उद्यमी योजना
May 16, 2021

Oxygen Production Promotion Policy, 2021

Oxygen Cylinder Manufacturing

The ongoing Covid19 crisis particularly fuelled by new 2021 strain of the virus has put enormous pressure on the existing health infrastructure including medical logistics of the state. Large number of infected patients needs continuous oxygen support at Hospitals and at homes. Lack of sufficient oxygen production in the state has necessitated that the same be imported from other States. As the number of patients requiring oxygen support is increasing, the pressure on the supply of medical oxygen to Hospitals has significantly strained leading to significant delay in movement of oxygen from other states to Bihar.

As per the report of Empowered Group – II (EG-11) dated 18.04.2021, the total demand for Medical Oxygen across India had reached 60% of the total daily Oxygen production and was expected to increase further. Based on the recommendation of the EG-II, vide D. 0 . No. 17/S(HFW)/MO/2021 dated 18th April, 2021. Government of India has prohibited supply of Oxygen for industrial purposes by manufacturers and suppliers w.e.f. 22.04.2021. However, nine industries including Steel plants and Oxygen cylinder manufacturers were exempted from the said prohibition. Diversion of industrial oxygen for medical purposes coupled with other efforts taken by Government of India and Government of Bihar has lessened the pressure on supply of oxygen to the Hospitals based in Bihar. However, there is need to ramp up production of oxygen in the State so as to meet its increasing demand. This policy has been introduced with an aim to leverage the opportunities in Oxygen manufacturing and to make Bihar self-dependant in production of Oxygen.


This policy aims to achieve the following objectives for the overall growth and development of
Oxygen manufacturing industries in the State:

  • To substantially increase production of Oxygen in Bihar to support the ongoing efforts at containing the health crisis caused by Covid19
  • To promote, facilitate and financially incentivize investment in medical and industrial oxygen manufacturing units in Bihar through creating an enabling environment and offering fiscal incentive
  • To create substantial local capacities in Oxygen production in the State so as to lessen the dependence on import of Oxygen from other States
  • To create local skilled manpower and employment opportunities in Oxygen manufacturing sector
Download - Oxygen Production Promotion Policy, 2021

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