District Industries Center (DIC)

District Industries Centres (DIC) are responsible for promoting enterprises, particularly the medium, small and micro, at the district level and render all possible help and guidance in establishing the units. Besides, the DIC is also involved in implementation of Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) in the districts.
To facilitate the process of small enterprise development, DICs have been entrusted with most of the administrative and financial powers. For purpose of allotment of land, work sheds, raw materials etc., DICs functions under the ‘Department of Industries’. Each DIC is headed by a General Manager who is assisted by functional managers and project managers to look after the following activities:


  • Accelerate the overall efforts for industrialisation of the district.
  • Rural industrialisation and development of rural industries and handicrafts.
  • Attainment of economic equality in various regions of the district.
  • Providing the benefit of the government schemes to the new entrepreneurs.
  • Centralisation of procedures required to start a new industrial unit and minimisation- of the efforts and time required to obtain various permissions, licenses, registrations, subsidies etc.


  • Economic investigation
  • Plant and machinery
  • Research, education and training
  • Raw materials
  • Credit facilities
  • Marketing assistance
  • Cottage industries

Telephone No. of General Manager of District Industries Center (DIC)

Sl.Name of DistrictsName of General ManagersMobile No.
1.ArariaSri Anil Kumar Mandal7320923225
2.ArwalSri Patrush Soren7320923226
3.AurangabadSri Rajeshwar Ram7320923227
4.BankaSri Naresh Das7320923228
5.BegusaraiSri Anind Kr. Sinha7320923229
6.BhagalpurSri Sanjay Kr.Verma7320923230
7.BhojpurSmt. Usha Sinha7320923231
8.BuxarSri Sahdeo Das7320923232
9.DarbhangaMd. Anjarul Hassan7320923233
10.E. ChamparanSri Makeshwar Dwivedi7320923234
11.GayaSri Birendra Singh7320923235
12.GopalganjSri Mukesh Ranjan7320923236
13.JamuiSri Naresh Das7320923237
14.JehanabadSri Mahendra Yadav7320923238
15.KaimurSmt. Kiran Kumari Srivastava7320923239
16.KatiharSri I. D. Ram7320923240
17.KhagariaSri Anind Kr. Sinha7320923241
18.KishanganjSri Rajnikant Ranjan7320923242
19.LakhisaraiSri Uday Shankar Pd. Sinha7320923243
20.MadhepuraSri K.K. Bharti7320923244
21.MadhubaniSri Ramesh Kr. Sharma7320923245
22.MungerSri Uday Shankar Pd. Sinha7320923246
23.MuzaffarpurSri Binay Kr. Mallik7320923247
24.NalandaSri Satyendra Chaudhary7320923248
25.NawadaSri Nawal Kishore Paswan7320923249
26.PatnaSri A. N. Dubey7320923250
27.PurneaSri Sanjay Kr. Verma7320923251
28.RohtasSmt. Kiran Kumari Srivastava7320923252
29.SaharsaSri K. K. Bharti7320923256
30.SamastipurSri Binay Kr. Mallik7320923253
31.SaranSri Shyamu Ram7320923254
32.SheikhpuraSri Uday Shankar Pd. Sinha7320923255
33.SheoharSri B. K. Lal7320923257
34.SitamarhiSri B. K. Lal7320923258
35.SiwanSri Mukesh Ranjan7320923259
36.SupaulSri Binod Prasad7320923260
37.VaishaliSmt. Nita Verma7320923261
38.W. ChamparanSri Makeshwar Dwivedi7320923262