Investments in Bihar – Summary Report of SIPB (As on 1st  July 2021)
July 2, 2021
Silk City of India Bhagalpur to be developed as industrial hub
Silk City of India Bhagalpur to be developed as industrial hub
July 11, 2021

Investments in Bihar – Summary Report of SIPB (till 8 July 2021)

STAGE –1 Clearances

1.No. of Online Applications received for approval from SIPB1978
2.No. of Proposals approved by SIPB of Stage- I Clearance1548
3.Proposed Capital Investment in SIPB approved proposals (Rs. in Crore)22388.04 Cr.
4.No. of Proposals received for approval of Financial Clearances545
5.No. of Proposals approved for Financial Clearances410
6.Capital Investment in Financial Clearances approved proposals (Rs. in Crore)3293.87 Cr.
7.No. of Working Units295
8.Employment in Working Units8810
9.Capital Investment in Working Units (Rs. in Crore)2021.65 Cr.

Sector wise STAGE-1 Clearances of Proposals & No. of Working Units

Sl.SectorsStage 1 ClearancesWorking Units
No. of



(Rs. in Crore)

No. of



(Rs. in Crore)

1.Food Processing7148918.62137755.55
2.General Manufacturing4072328.0169280.37
3.Plastic & Rubber185602.3438135.00
7.Renewable Energy252718.4102108.88
8.Small Implements Manufacturing18129.02023.31
9.IT & IT based Services1266.761127.46
10.Technical Education0859.9900
11.Electrical &Electronic Hardware Mfg.0516.5100
13.Wooden Based0621.8737.08
15.Sugar Mill (Expansion)112448.0700
16.Private Industrial Park02662.3400
17.General Services033.0200

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