CM asks officials to promote pulpwood and paper industry in Bihar

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December 16, 2019
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CM asks officials to promote pulpwood and paper industry in Bihar

CM Nitish Kumar on Monday asked the officials to take necessary steps to promote pulpwood and paper industry in the state.
Addressing a meeting of Udyami Panchayat on plywood, veneer and furniture industries here, Nitish asked chief secretary Deepak Kumar to prepare a specific policy for promotion of pulpwood and paper industry at the earliest after taking views of all stakeholders.
“We should promote paper industry in the state in view of its increasing utility, besides promoting the plywood, veneer and furniture industries. Several objectives of the Hariyali Mission and the agriculture road map will be fulfilled once we ensure development of paper and pulpwood-related industries in the state. The pulpwood-related industries will not only increase the income of farmers but also create new avenues of employment,” Nitish said.
He further asked the chief secretary and industries department officials to get a study done by sending a team of experts and industrialists to other states which have done something better in the field of paper industries. “The officials will also suggest what modifications the state government will have to do in its Industrial Investment Promotion Policy-2016 to promote paper-related industries,” Nitish said, adding, “Our main aim is to increase the state’s green cover, along with the income of farmers.”
Earlier, the CM sought to know from industrialists as to what were the hurdles in promoting paper industries in the state.
Local industrialist Sanjay Goenka, who represented the Bihar Industries Association (BIA), along with its president Ram Lal Khetan, told TOI that suggested for promoting agroforestry and large-scale production of soft woods like popular and semal trees for producing main ingredients of pulp industries. “I also suggested for making certain modifications in the forest produce related rules to promote afroforestry in the state. To this, the CM agreed that cultivation of soft woods should be brought under the purview of agriculture department, instead of forest department,” Goenka told TOI.
Nitish also said in the meeting that the state government has now made a policy to construct government buildings along with furnishing. “There is a need of using some local items in furnishing work so that regional industries are promoted,” he said.
Representatives of Bihar Chamber of Commerce and Industries and furniture industries also attended the meeting. Industries minister Shyam Rajak expressed his views on the promotion of plywood and veneer industries.
Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi, energy minister Bijendra Prasad Yadav and agriculture minister Prem Kumar also attended the meeting.
Green scheme: CM Nitish Kumar on Monday said Rs 24,524 crore would be spent on different schemes under the ‘Jal Jivan Hariyali’ scheme of the state government in three financial years. “If required, the amount can be enhanced,” the CM said while addressing a meeting at Gyan Bhavan here to review the progress of the scheme in Patna division.


  1. Ritesh Kumar says:

    I want to start a paper production factory i have land,idea and man power but i need some capital support.

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    I am interested got paper industry

  3. Pankaj Kumar says:

    I would like to start a Paper pulp industry in Darbhanga/ Motihari. I require some financial help and other subsidy programs.

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