Bihar CM opens leather hub at Fatuha

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March 19, 2012
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Bihar CM opens leather hub at Fatuha

PATNA: Chief minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday said that Bihar had great potential for solar energy, after Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Inaugurating a leather hub developed by the Aparna Industrial Promotion Council at Fatuha Industrial Area, Kumar said work has been undertaken for the overall growth of solar energy sector.

“I shall specially visit a solar energy project in Samastipur during my forthcoming Seva Yatra,” he said.

Referring to his recent Mumbai visit, the CM said he told the industrialists there that by the time they would begin making investment in Bihar, the state would become self-dependent in power generation.

Making a sarcastic remark on opposition leaders, the CM said the leather hub was a reply to all those who had been stating that no new investment would come to Bihar. “People who had earlier migrated from Bihar and have carved out a place for themselves in the leather industry of Mumbai, are now returning to invest in the Fatuha-based leather hub,” he added.

He also said that over 600 entrepreneurs would invest in the leather hub, with hundreds of new factories coming up. Over 10,000 people would get employment.

The CM said the leather produced in Bihar was of a superior quality. “Bihar possesses good quality leather and skilled workers. However, leather industry had been prospering in Mumbai. But now, leather units will be set up in Bihar and skilled workers would get an opportunity to work in their home state,” he said.

Nitish added, “Nowadays investors do not have any misconception about Bihar. They no longer discuss the state’s law and order situation. They are now ready to come to Bihar and make investments. Our work is of a catalyst and we are doing that. The number of people seeking jobs in Bihar will be less while the number of people offering jobs would be more because a host of industrialists from Mumbai have now begun setting up their industries in this leather hub.”

He also announced a business meet would be held within a month where industrialists would be heard and their problems solved. Speaking on the occasion, deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said when he visited Mumbai three years back, he observed that thousands of people from Siwan, Gopalganj and Nawada were running leather units in Maharashtra.

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