Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA)

Industrial Areas in Bihar


Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA) has been established by a legislation of State of Bihar namely Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority Act, 1974 with an objective and aim to promote and facilitate industrialization in the State. The BIADA Act, 1974 and Rules/ Regulations framed there under provide the mechanism for achieving the stated aims and objectives.

BIADA is, thus, a statutory body which receives directions and instructions from time to time from Government in accordance with the provisions under BIADA Act, 1974 and it allots land to entrepreneurs on basis of fixed policies and principles. State Government acquires land under the relevant provisions of Land Acquisition Act and transfers the same to BIADA for industrialization.

BIADA has to act in accordance with its Statute, Rules, Regulations and the directions of the State Government as well as the Industrial Policy so prevalent at the relevant time.

Vacant Land & Current Rate

Sl.Industrial AreaLand Rate (Lakhs Rs./Acre)Vacant Land (Acres)Plot wise DetailMap
1Industrial Area/Estate, Patliputra1105.000.00Click Here
2Industrial Area, Fatuha178.061.56Click HereView MAP
3Industrial Area, Hajipur304.620.00 Click Here
4E.P.I.P., Hajipur200.330.00 Click Here
5Industrial Estate, Biharsharif435.002.10 Click HereView MAP
6Industrial Area, Nawada75.000.54 Click HereView MAP
7Industrial Area, Gaya53.550.00 Click Here
8Industrial Area, Jehanabad314.160.46 Click HereView MAP
9Industrial Area, Aurangabad30.000.55 Click HereView MAP
10Industrial Growth Centre, Aurangabad160.2719.40 Click HereView MAP
11Industrial Area, Dehri181.007.13 Click HereView MAP
12Industrial Area, Barun100.001.72 Click HereView MAP
13Industrial Area, Bikramganj355.000.24 Click HereView MAP
14Industrial Area, Buxar172.750.17 Click HereView MAP
15Industrial Area, Bihiya350.2511.00 Click HereView MAP
16Industrial Growth Centre, Gidha32.500.00 Click Here
17Industrial Area, Bihta134.440.00 Click Here
18Mega Industrial Park, Bihta108.760.00 Click Here
19Industrial Area, Kopakala48.900.00 Click Here
20Industrial Area, Barauni39.780.00 Click Here
21Sikandarpur Food Park, Patna200.3018.50 Click HereView MAP
Note: Allottee will have to pay 100% payment for Sikandarpur before physical possession of allotted land.
Sl.Industrial AreaLand Rate (Lakhs Rs./Acre)Vacant Land (Acres)Plot wise DetailMap
1Industrial Estate, Bela164.770.00Click Here
2Industrial Estate, Dharampur72.750.35Click HereView Map
3Industrial Area, Donar150.0012.51Click HereView Map
4Industrial Estate, Jhanjharpur411.500.74Click HereView Map
5Growth Centre, Khagariya25.000.00Click Here
6Industrial Estate, Murliganj210.001.60Click HereView Map
7Industrial Area, Pandaul45.009.24Click HereView Map
8Industrial Estate, Saharsa400.000.00Click Here
9Industrial Estate, Samastipur21.900.00Click Here
10Industrial Estate, Udakisanganj175.003.75Click HereView Map
Sl.Industrial AreaLand Rate (Lakhs Rs./Acre)Vacant Land (Acres)Plot wise DetailMap
1Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur162.5015.62Click HereView Map
2Industrial Estate, Muzaffarpur162.500.088Click HereView Map
3Industrial Area, Kumarbagh19.000.00Click Here
4Industrial Area, Ramnagar178.333.34Click HereView Map
5Industrial Area, Sitamarhi235.371.05Click HereView Map
6Industrial Area, Raxaul124.620.00Click Here
7Industrial Area, Bettiah149.040.00Click Here
8Industrial Area, Siwan110.970.00Click Here
Sl.Industrial AreaLand Rate (Lakhs Rs./Acre)Vacant Land (Acres)Plot wise DetailMap
1Large Industrial Estate, Barari255.001.84Click HereClick Here
2Industrial Estate, Munger363.440.00
3Industrial Area, Sitakund70.000.00Click Here
4Industrial Area, Jamalpur207.649.77Click HereClick Here
5Industrial Growth Centre, Maranga163.7511.73Click HereClick Here
6Industrial Growth Centre, Kahalgaon36.410.00Click Here
7Industrial Estate, Lakhisarai67.500.00Click Here
8Industrial Estate, Purnea City173.330.40Click HereClick Here
9Industrial Area, Bhediadangi (Kishanganj)28.500.00Click Here
10Industrial Area, Forbesganj31.070.00Click Here
11Industrial Estate, Katihar286.664.52Click HereClick Here
12Industrial Area, Khagara (Kishanganj)206.000.00Click Here
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Map of Industrial Areas in Bihar