Bihar to boost ethanol production through maize: CM
December 11, 2020
Bihar to adopt Champaran model for industrial development: CM
December 31, 2020

Summary Report of SIPB (23 December 2020)

STAGE –1 Clearances

1.No. of Online Applications received for approval from SIPB1628
2.No. of Proposals approved by SIPB of Stage- I clearance1369
3.Proposed Capital Investment in SIPB approved proposals (Rs. in Crore)19348.87
4.No. of Proposals received for approval of Financial Clearances475
5.No. of Proposals approved for Financial Clearances364
6.Capital Investment in Financial Clearances approved proposals (Rs. in Crore)2675.17
7.No. of Working Units264
8.Employment in Working Units7115
9.Capital Investment in Working Units (Rs. in Crore)1888.60

Sectorwise STAGE-1 Clearances of Proposals & No. of Working Units

Sl.SectorsStage 1 ClearancesWorking Units
No. of ProposalsInvestment (Rs. in Crore)No. of UnitsInvestment (Rs. in Crore)
1.Food Processing6294268.15128725.25
2.General Manufacturing2471723.9566262.36
3.Plastic & Rubber163537.8829107.89
7.Akshaya Energy185971.2802108.88
8.Small Implements Mfg.17116.32023.31
9.IT & IT based Services1340.541127.46
10.Technical Education1062.0300
12.Sugar Mill (Expansion)061974.9900
13.Private Industrial Park02679.5200

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