Queries – Appointment of Technical Consultant to Support Udyog Mitra

RFP for empanelment of event management organisations for Udyog Mitra
April 25, 2013
Diamond cutting and polishing unit opens in Patna
May 16, 2013

Queries – Appointment of Technical Consultant to Support Udyog Mitra

Sl. No. QueriesResponse


Quality certification required for the companyNo


What will be the minimum requirement for the scope of workAs per RFP



Deployment of manpower will be on site or off siteAs per RFP. Higher score will be allotted for having more people on site for each mandatory position


Will the productivity be related to hoursMonthly


Manpower replacement clauseSimilar CV in terms of qualification and experience may be considered, if the need arises (Udyog Mitra will decide if the replacement can be allowed or not)


Categories for manpower deploymentAs per RFP


What shall be the minimum manpower offered by a company / Team CompositionThe mandatory positions have been mentioned in the RFP.


Company has to decide the number of manpower to be deployed. Besides the mandatory positions, the consultant may attach more resources for each position depending on their understanding of the TOR


Mode of paymentToR


Maximum number of detailed diagnostic studies to be prepared for MSME CDP projectApproximately 20


Kindly elaborate the specific scope of services for support to implementation and monitoring of projectsAs per RFP


Is the project management of MSME CDP projects also in the scope of servicesYes


Explain Clause 2.1.11 (Page 38)To include awareness programs, training programs, exposure visits etc.


Explain Clause 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 (Page 38)Facilitation includes (and is not limited to), information sharing with investor, assisting in filling the form, assisting in approaching other departments if required and following up with respective departments for obtaining clearances.


Explain Clause no. 2.2.3 (Page 38)General guidance to applicants


Explain Clause no. 2.2.5 (Page 38)Liaison with agencies and provide general guidance to applicants to obtain patents, trademarks etc.


Explain Clause 2.2.7 (Page 38)There is no recommended medium. The consultant will propose their own medium based on their understanding and develop the same.


Clause 2.2.8 (Page 38)Assistance sought in preparing profiles –district profile, sector profile etc.


Clause 2.2.6 (Page 38)Use the developed knowledge repository to provide help to investors


Clause 5.1 (a)As per RFP


Joint Ventures / Consortiums / Sub ConsultantsNo Joint Ventures or Consortiums but can sub contract as per RFP


Period of ServiceDuration of project is 12 months, post which renewal / extension may be considered based on mutual agreement


Deadline for submission and opening of proposal14th May at 4:00 p.m. and 14th May at 4:30 p.m.


Weighted marks for expertise50 marks for leadership and 50 marks for expertise (Project Leader)


Preparation of DPRs with support of MSME CDP schemeHave to prepare DPRs


Preparing project profiles for entrepreneurs under Clause 2.2 (Page 38)Assistance sought in preparing profiles –district profile, sector profile etc.


Qualification of Financial AdvisorCA is permissible


Cost of organizing seminars / workshops – including renting of venue, printing material etc.Cost of organizing seminars / workshops – including renting of venue, printing material etc. will be borne by Udyog Mitra


Language of deliverable from the consultantEnglish


Provision for office space for the consultantSitting arrangement, i.e. table and chair, for maximum 2 people can be arranges by Udyog Mitra. For the rest of the personnel, the consultant will have to make arrangements


Need for identifying the clusters (Clause 2.1.1, page 37)Don’t need to identify the clusters


EMD in the form of demand draft or bank guarantee from Nationalized Bank.  Please include Scheduled BankNationalized / Scheduled Bank


Validity period of EMD45 days


Financial Capability: Minimum Average Net Profit after Tax of Rs. 15,00,000 for the last 3 years requiredFinancial Capability: Minimum Average Net Profit after Tax / Net Operating Surplus of Rs. 15,00,000 for the last 3 years required


Payment  (Clause 6.1, page 40)As per RFP


Responsibility of funding of activitiesFunding for official work to be done by Udyog Mitra


Approach and MethodologyConsultants have to present their Approach and Methodology for the Scope of Services outlined, as per their understanding


Financial bidFinancial bid will be given as a lump sum monthly amount


Appointment of Sub ContractorsThe Consultant may enter into sub-contracting agreement with other experts or firms. Ensuring the quality of sub-contractors will be unto the Consultant. Udyog Mitra will choose the Consultant based on all the parameters mentioned in the RFP which includes the quality of CV submitted also. The availability of the named resources will have to be ensured.


Request for quoting service tax separately as the contract period is 2 financial yearsAll taxes inclusive


Independent experts as key experts / personnelThe consultant can propose the name and CV of independent experts with whom the consultant has entered into an agreement for the said period


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