Investment Proposals Approved by SIPB (upto February 1, 2019)
February 6, 2019
Economic Survey 2018-19 (English & Hindi)
June 6, 2019

Investment proposals approved by SIPB (Report up to 01.03.2019)

(A) STAGE –1 Clearances 

i.No. of Online Applications received for approval of SIPB1145
ii.No. of Proposals approved Stage- I clearance by SIPB1028
iii.Capital Investment in SIPB approved proposals (Rs. in Crore)14200.22
iv.No. of Proposals received for approval of Financial Clearances 310
v.No. of Proposals approved for Financial Clearances 256
vi.Capital Investment in Financial Clearances approved proposals (Rs. in Crore)2091.23
vii.No. of Working Units128
viiiEmployment in Working Units3259
ix.Capital Investment in Working Units(Rs. in Crore)935.49

Sector wise STAGE-1 Clearances Proposals 

Sl.SectorsNo. of Proposals Investment (Rs. in Crore)
1.Food Processing4862805.40
4.Small Implements14109.15
5.Plastic & Rubber116362.50
7.Information Technology1239.92
9.  Technical Institute- Engineering College/ Management Institute10              62.03
10.Health Care23318.22
11.Private Industrial Park02679.52
13.Sugar Mill (Expansion)0295.15


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  1. Vikrant kumar says:

    I want to establish a mini cement plant in Barauni Biada region. I want to 1/2 acre of land . But the land are not available in Barauni biada . When we visit the details of land than most of land are in not operating. How could new plant would be established .

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