List of certified Start ups in Bihar
December 13, 2017
Food Processing – Monthly Progress Report – May 2017
December 28, 2017

Investment proposals approved by SIPB (updated till 19.12.2017)

(A) Stage -1 Clearance : 

i.No. of online applications received for approval of SIPB652
ii.No. of Stage- I clearance of proposals by SIPB539
iii.Capital Investment in approved proposals (Rs. in Crore)5020.13
iv.Proposed Employment in approved proposals10343

Sectorwise Statement :

Sl.SectorsNo. of Proposed Investment ProposalsProposed Investment(Rs. in Crore)
1.Food Processing2621310.13
4.Small Implements077.00
5.Plastic & Rubber52121.56
7.Information Technology0623.64
9.Technical Institute- Engineering College / Management Institute0741.03
10.Health Care10113.77
11.Private Industrial Park01652.00
13.Sugar Mill (Expansion)0295.15

(B) Stage – 2 & 3, Financial Promotion Clearances : 67 Proposals have been received for financial incentive clearances, among this 55 proposals approved with Rs. 954.78 Crore proposed capital investment.

(a)No. of Established / Existing units14
(b)Total Capital Investment296.93

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