SIPB proceeding 27.11.2017
December 4, 2017
List of certified Start ups in Bihar
December 13, 2017

Investment proposals approved by SIPB (till Nov 21, 2017)

Investment Proposals approved by SIPB (after effect of State Investment Promotion Act- 2016) – Report upto 21.11.2017)

(A) Stage -1 Clearance :

i.No. of online applications received for approval of SIPB604
ii.No. of Stage- I clearance of proposals by SIPB539
iii.Capital Investment in approved proposals (Rs. in Crore)5020.13
iv.Proposed Employment in approved proposals10343
Sectorwise Statement :
Sl.SectorsNo. of Proposed Investment ProposalsProposed Investment (Rs. in Crore)
1.Food Processing2621310.13
4.Small Implements077.00
5.Plastic & Rubber52121.56
7.Information Technology0623.64
9.Technical Institute- Engineering College/ Management Institute0741.03
10.Health Care10113.77
11.Private Industrial Park01652.00
13.Sugar Mill (Expansion)0295.15

(B) Stage – 2 & 3, Financial Promotion Clearances :

67 proposals have been received for financial incentive clearances, among this 55 proposals approved with Rs. 924.55 Crore proposed capital investment.

(a)No. of Established / Existing units10
(b)Total Capital Investment277.99

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